Mathletics content is aligned to the Provincial Curriculum

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Targeted assessments to identify curriculum knowledge gaps.

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Free to download curriculum aligned lesson plans

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Meet your Mathletics team, based right in Alberta

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Our Curriculum for Alberta

The education team at Mathletics is committed to providing a resource that is powerful, targeted and most importantly relevant to all students. Mathletics includes well over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities, eBooks covering Grades K-12 and print resources produced in association with Dr. Marian Small for Grades K-8.

Our team have created a course that follows the Alberta curriculum. Click to download a guide to the full scope of the content, to assist in planning your lessons.

The Mathletics course content for Alberta has been approved for Alberta Education’s list of Additional Support Resources.

Mathletics Curriculum Math Guide Alberta
Download our Alberta curriculum guide

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We love learning. That’s why we’re offering every school in Alberta a free trial of Mathletics.

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Our commitment to provincial curricula is second to none. Our publishing team has not only created powerful and targeted curriculum activities but interactive, video and print materials too.

We are also passionate about our rich, open, inquiry-based learning resources. I’m very proud to have experts such as Dr. Marian Small working alongside us.

Add in our reporting tools and you’ve got a powerful and individualized resource that is proven to be unsurpassed in the results it produces.

Rene Burke, CEO 3P Learning Canada.

Rene Burke, CEO 3P Learning Canada

Mathletics Assessments for Alberta

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to instantly diagnose your students’ individual learning gaps and address them with targeted content? Yes, we thought so too. That’s why we created the revolutionary our Assessments platform.

Powerful assessments have been designed by our math experts, with concepts aligned to Alberta outcomes – hugely useful for benchmarking. Formative, summative or diagnostic, they are powerful tool. We call it Assessment for Learning.

  • Two 30-question assessments are available for each grade; from grades 2 to 9.

  • Additional targeted practice assessments for Grade 6 PAT, Grade 9 Achievement Test, Grade 9 K&E Achievement test and Math 30-2.

  • All assessments are taken online and are automatically marked.

  • Learning gaps are identified, generating individual student learning pathways.

Learn more about our Assessments
Mathletics Curriculum Online Maths Assessments

Lesson Plans for Alberta

We’ve created dozens of targeted lesson plans to save you time, focus on specific curriculum objectives and help you get the most from the resource. Plus, they’re completely FREE.

  • Designed by the team of educators at Mathletics to support teachers in the classroom.

  • Aligned to meet targeted expectations of the Alberta curriculum.

  • Including suggestions for modifications and extensions of learning.

  • Learning gaps are identified, generating individual student learning pathways.

Download free lesson plans

Meet your Alberta team…

All Mathletics schools across the province are supported by a dedicated and friendly team. Say hello!

Erin Priddle
Erin PriddleRegional Manager, AB (extn. 101)
Want Mathletics introduced to your school? Erin’s your girl. A fan of loud socks, Erin is a talented juggler and former teacher in Calgary, Alberta. She loves vinyl almost as much as she loves her dog, Ryder.
Daisy Pardhan
Daisy PardhanMathletics Regional Manager, AB
Looking to introduce Mathletics into your school or District? Daisy can help. A former teacher in Calgary, Alberta, Daisy is a star at basically any sport you can name…including baton twirling!
Sam Moore
Sam MooreMathletics Success Manager, AB (extn. 125)
Supporting your school in Alberta Canada with endless cheer, Sam has a myriad of activities she enjoys, including travelling, reading, podcasts and long hikes. She also loves introducing schools to Mathletics and hearing success stories from teachers. Want to know more about Mathletics? Sam is your girl.
Miranda Skelton
Miranda SkeltonMathletics Success Manager, AB (extn. 149)
Miranda is a passionate advocate of Mathletics and strives to help educators maximize the benefits of using the program with their students. She also loves working with children, including her own little gem – who, at 7, is already thoroughly enjoying math and using Mathletics herself!
Payal Agarwal
Payal AgarwalMathletics Success Manager, AB (extn. 126)
Supporting your school in Alberta, Canada, Payal moved from New Jersey to join us at 3P Learning. With a 10+ year background in advertising, graphic design and client servicing, Payal is passionate about painting and its application on various mediums during her spare time.

Teachers across Alberta love Mathletics…


“The biggest classroom impact I have noticed is that students now enjoy Math. Students who are below grade level now have plenty of opportunities to develop those core basic skills in math, while my advanced students are able to excel and explore a variety of new topics.”

Teacher, Calgary AB


“Mathletics has been a great success. As educators we have found it to be an invaluable assessment and supplemental tool. It gives the students at home access for extra support and makes learning math enjoyable. We would highly recommend Mathletics to anyone thinking of using it in their school.”

Teacher, Edmonton AB


“I love the versatility. I’m able to use it to teach a lesson or a concept, then turn around and assign the students an activity relating to that concept, and then further reinforce it with an activity from the e-books. Great for a classroom that approaches math from a wide variety of angles.”

Teacher, Calgary AB

Our partners in learning:

Mathletics, partnering with Microsoft
Mathletics, partnering with Learnosity
Mathletics, partnering with Desmos

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Get in touch with the friendly Alberta team at Mathletics. We’d love to speak to you.

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