Mathletics Assessments. Made for Ontario.

Mathletics Assessments for Ontario

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to instantly diagnose your students’ individual learning gaps and address them with targeted content? Yes, we thought so too. That’s why we created our revolutionary Assessments platform.

Powerful assessments have been designed by our math experts, with concepts aligned to Ontario expectations – hugely useful for benchmarking. Formative, summative or diagnostic, they are powerful tool.

  • Two 30-question assessments are available for each grade; from grades 2 to 9.

  • Timetable and assign assessments directly to students.

  • All assessments are taken online and are automatically marked.

  • Learning gaps are identified, generating individual student learning pathways.

  • Diagnose learning gaps prior to EQAO.

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Grade 6

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Mathletics also includes Grade 9 Academic and Applied EQAO Practice Assessments!

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On average, students using Mathletics across Ontario have improved their results by +19%

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A proven advantage

We’ve always known that Mathletics provides a significant advantage to all students who use it. Now it’s been proven. The University of Oxford recently carried out a study of more than 13,000 schools to assess the impact of Mathletics on external math test results.

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Made for Ontario

Thousands of students across Ontario love learning with Mathletics. Whether it’s targeted curriculum content aligned to the Ontario math curriculum, exam preparation, diagnostic assessments or a lesson plan you need, our team of education specialists has you covered.

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