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Tension can run high at this time of year because students are already starting to feel the pressure of upcoming assessments. We know it’s not just the students that feel the pressure, it’s the teachers too. Your school has standards to meet and leadership is relying on your hard work to deliver results. The parents want their kids to do well and are counting on your superior teaching capabilities to accelerate their child to superstardom.

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Get your students closer to math superstardom. An award-winning learning platform, Mathletics can:

  • Track and monitor progress with automated reports for both students and teachers

  • Assign tasks and topics with varying difficulty at a click of a button

  • Plan and schedule all activities ahead of time and make adjustments quickly

  • Be confident that the content is aligned with the curriculum

  • Real-time scoring with immediate feedback

  • Access a library with a wealth of eBooks and printables

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