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We know this has been a challenging year so far for Administration and Teachers in BC schools. Classroom re-organization and a new curriculum have increased the demands on current and new teachers alike.

Mathletics for Canada - British Columbia
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With all of the changes you are facing, Mathletics wants to help make Math teaching a little easier!

With Mathletics…

  • Easy classroom management allows you to differentiate for each student, creating personalized pathways and a diverse learning environment to meet student’s specific needs.

  • Those new to teaching and to technology integration will find our ongoing PD and support to be an invaluable resource as they navigate new ways of delivering content to students.

  • All of your needs are combined in one resource – from focused teacher driven instruction, to open student led options, ensuring all student needs are met.

Courses aligned to the redesigned BC curriculum as well as Dr. Marian Small Rich Learning tasks help ease the integration of new ways to teach math concepts.

Mathletics includes over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities, eBooks covering Kindergarten to High School and print resources produced in association with Dr. Marian Small for Grades K-8.

Download our Mathletics curriculum guide (K-9)
Download our Mathletics curriculum guide (10-12)
Mathletics for the British Columbia curriculum

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Meet the BC Mathletics team!

Meet your Mathletics team

Miranda Skelton

Business Development Manager, BC (extn. 149)

Miranda is a passionate advocate of Mathletics and strives to help educators maximize the benefits of the program with their students. She also loves working with children, including her own little gem – who, at 7, is already thoroughly enjoying math and using Mathletics herself!

Meet your Mathletics team

Kelly Cuddihy

Business Development Manager, BC (extn. 135)

Looking to introduce Mathletics into your class, school or district? Kelly’s here to help. Kelly is an avid hiker who loves to spend time in the mountains, almost as much as she loves her cat, Kismet.


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