We are excited to announce our March Mathspiration! Eagleview Comprehensive High School in Saskatchewan has gone above and beyond utilizing Mathletics at their school in a way that inspires and builds confidence in their students. The class we are highlighting created a goal for each student to earn a gold certificate by the end of the first semester. The students worked incredibly hard to reach this goal, and even stayed after school to get more time on the program. Principal Darryl Whitstone and Vice Principal Ken Morrell along with the teachers at Eagleview have done a great job inspiring students in their school with Mathletics.

Check out what teacher Evelyn Lopina has to say about it all:

We are so excited that Mathletics has come to our school. As a teacher, I really appreciate the amazing learning opportunities that Mathletics has to offer. Teaching in a First Nations Community is a privilege and challenging and with the use of this program it has allowed me to engage my students with the use of technology and build positive attitudes towards Math. It has helped me to bring excitement to my teaching and helped my students enjoy Math and improve student learning outcomes.

I find Mathletics as the best example of Differentiation Instruction. I can differentiate lessons and easily reach every student whether they need to be challenged or take a step back to fill in gaps and spend time with those who need extra help. I loved the idea that Mathletics is aligned to the Saskatchewan Curriculum and it is adaptive and has engaging content.

The Mathletics Certificates are great motivators. It brings humor to my students because of the big deal I make about each achievement. But for me, celebration and recognition is a key to motivation. I have a Mathletics Bulletin Board in my classroom where I put up all the certificates to encourage them to use the program.

My students have demonstrated their commitment and intelligence which has allowed me to push them to reach their potentials and challenged them with a goal to “achieve the Gold” in one semester.

When we believe our students can achieve their goals with hard work and commitment, anything is possible. My students dedicate their time after regular class to work toward this achievement. When students achieve their goal their self-esteem and self- confidence grows dramatically. My students enjoy the challenge and excitement that Mathletics brought to our school. It is a huge achievement to see students have fun in learning.”


Thank you for doing such an amazing job of using Mathletics at your school, Eagleview. Keep the amazing hard work up!