Canada’s first Mathletics Lead Educator is Sarah Thompson, Chief Poundmaker School, Saskatchewan, CA

Canada-Lead-Educator-TestimonialSarah Thompson is most passionate about engaging students through technology such as the use of computer programs, iPad apps, and participating in global projects online.

Sarah’s current role is as a math catalyst and levelled literacy intervention (LLI) catalyst at Chief Poundmaker School in Saskatchewan.

As a math catalyst, she works with Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 9 teachers through coaching cycles and as a resource. As an LLI catalyst, her focus is small-group instruction with students in Grades 1-6.

Over the last 8 years as an educator, Sarah has also been a K-5 music teacher, and has taught grades 3-6 in a classroom. Sarah’s goals are to have students participate in the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge next year and to have all teachers in her school comfortable using Mathletics independently.

Over the next five years, Sarah sees that students will be impacted by technological advances, the need to collaborate with others outside of the classroom via the internet, and learning to code will become just as important to students as learning to read and write.

As a Mathletics Lead Educator, Sarah’s focus will be on supporting teachers to use Mathletics effectively in her school and in her district.What Sarah would like to see next from Mathletics is Rich Learning Task eBooks for higher grades, updates to the provincial curriculum, and an addition of First Nations content in questions.

Contact Sarah via Twitter: @smrthompson, or Facebook:

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