Evelyn Lopina is making the math headlines in Treaty 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.Evelyn picture

Evelyn was the first Filipino teacher certified in Saskatchewan, without having to complete additional certification courses. With her Master’s in Education and 6+ years classroom experience, Evelyn has embraced the opportunity develop her teaching skill set.

In the Philippines, Evelyn experienced teaching in a classroom with 30+ students, very strict teaching requirements and extremely limited technology. Fast forward to present and Evelyn is making the news for student goal setting with Mathletics.

At Eagleview Comprehensive High School in Onion Lake, Evelyn motivates her students to ‘go for the gold’ in one school semester.  Working towards a gold certificate within the defined time frame requires a shared commitment amongst students, parents and Evelyn. Students set weekly goals and parents are notified if they are falling behind, to ensure that they stay on track. To motivate her students to achieve their weekly goals, Evelyn designs a bulletin board to recognize earned certificates. She also stays after school to help students when needed. While Evelyn shares that certificates are great motivators for students, she doesn’t stop there. When they achieve their goals, she physically jumps in the air to celebrate with them.  Once they hit gold, the school joins in the celebration to recognize their achievements with a school-wide assembly, followed by a pizza party.

Mathletics is also a part of her ‘MathXL’ tech course, a university prep course for her high school students. Mastery of skill has been possible in this course with blended learning, support and continuous practice in instruction. As Evelyn says, “I consider it my job to make sure that I meet the needs of every one of my students. And that my lessons can be tailored for students that are having a difficult time understanding the concept and students that need more of a challenge. And as an educator, I’m here to make a difference, to learn to inspire and teach the value of Education.”

Evelyn has modeled teaching the value of education by supporting her colleagues in Mathletics and to continue to captivate all learners through future celebrations like Maple Leaf Math Challenge and the World Education Games.