CAN 150

The Mathletics Canada 150 Competition was a HUGE success! This competition allowed students to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday while competing with other schools across the nation using Mathletics. All of the hard work paid off for Maywood Community School from School District 41 in Burnaby, British Columbia who ended up taking home the GRAND PRIZE of Mathletics for their school for the 2017/18 year! Principal Kathryn Yamamoto of Maywood Community School spoke to us about the success of her school.

The students, staff, parents and community are incredibly proud of the Grade 7 students who participated in the Mathletics competition last month.  Their perseverance and hard work was evident in their scores and for this we are all very proud.

Maywood Community School PictureThe class responsible for the big win (pictured to the left) was guided by Maywood Community School teacher, Arnold Sanderson. Principal Yamamoto spoke about Mr. Sanderson saying how he “is a wonderful math teacher who helps the students see the value of practice and persistence. He creates a place where everyone can find success.” We spoke with Arnold Sanderson about his experience throughout the competition.


“From a teacher’s point of view, I think one of the best elements of the competition and the resource was it allowed my students to be incredibly successful by being persistent. The students took the competition and ran with it on their own.  They were very self-motivated.  They kept checking the Mathletics Hall of Fame and their own score on a regular basis to see how they were doing.  The students always knew how they were doing because they had immediate feedback on their work.”

Arnold is no stranger to us at Mathletics. “I was involved in a Mathletics competition a number of years ago and the kids loved it.  We are always on the look out to do something different. I knew from past experience that competition was a fun and engaging way to continue to excite my students about Math. Being an on-line resource meant that the students could do it at home and at school.” In 2011, Arnold’s class at Maywood Community School won thCAN_150_Winner_Badge__2017_A4-01e Mathletics Maple Leaf Math Challenge as well! (Read the 2011 blog post here)

Arnold spoke to the reaction of his students when they found out they had won the Canada 150 competition and he said, “Though the students were excited they won, what they were really most proud of was the margin by which they won – more than 4 times any other participant.” What a wonderful achievement for this class of mathletes.

Thank you to all of the schools who participated and congratulations to Maywood Community School for putting in so much effort and making the Mathletics Canada 150 Competition so much fun!