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Mathletics. Powering math learning across British Columbia.

Mathletics is a dynamic resource that helps educators build Core Competencies while aligning to BC’s Content Learning Standards and supporting Curricular Competencies and Big Ideas. Used by 20% of BC school districts, Mathletics is engaging for students, building confidence and perseverance, while providing powerful reporting at the educators’ finger tips.

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Our curriculum for British Columbia…

The education team at Mathletics is committed to providing a resource that is powerful, targeted and most importantly relevant to all students.

Mathletics includes well over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities, eBooks covering Kindergarten to High School and print resources produced in association with Dr. Marian Small for Grades K-8. Our team have created a course that follows the British Columbia curriculum. Click to download a guide to the full scope of the content, to assist in planning your lessons.

Download our Mathletics curriculum guide (K-9)
Download our Mathletics curriculum guide (10-12)
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Mathletics for the British Columbia curriculum
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Mathletics is fully compliant with the most recent data privacy legislation – the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (British Columbia) (“FIPPA”).

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We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics. Explore how Mathletics is designed for British Columbia math classrooms today!

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British Columbia Assessments

The powerful new BC Mathletics Assessments cover over 95% of the math curriculum using multiple question strategies. The assessments (from grades 2-9) can be used to identify common gaps in your class and to create personalized learning pathways for each student.

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Mathletics Assessments for Canada
Teacher testimonial - Mathletics

“As an educator, I really appreciate the level of control offered by Mathletics regarding the selection of skills that I want my various students to practice. Differentiation options and assessment results are easily accessible and easy to manage for teachers.”

Teacher, Mathletics-subscribed school

Teacher testimonial - Mathletics

“I would definitely recommend Mathletics. All 350 of our students are actively using it. I appreciate how it is so well aligned with our provincial curricular outcomes and gives us the option to administer our Common Assessments right within the program.”

Teacher, Mathletics-subscribed school

Teacher testimonial - Mathletics

“My division began using Mathletics in 2012. Since then, interest throughout my division has exploded and now every school has students using the program. On average our students have seen a 33.9% improvement in their results so far this year.”

Provincial Curriculum Consultant

Meet the team supporting British Columbia schools

Meet your Mathletics team

Kelly Cuddihy

Regional Manager, BC
(extn. 135)

Looking to introduce Mathletics into your class, school or district? Kelly’s here to help. Kelly is an avid hiker who loves to spend time in the mountains, almost as much as she loves her cat, Kismet.

Meet your Mathletics team

Miranda Skelton

Success Manager, BC
(extn. 149)

Miranda is a passionate advocate of Mathletics and strives to help educators maximize the benefits of the program with their students. She also loves working with children, including her own little gem – who, at 9, is already thoroughly enjoying math and using Mathletics herself!

Meet your Mathletics team

Tho Huynh

Key Account Manager, BC
(extn. 152)

Tho is originally from Yellowknife and is always on the go. If he’s not camping, hiking, snowboarding or playing volleyball you can find him volunteering with a local nonprofit group. Passionate about people and education, Tho enjoys working with schools across BC to ensure they are getting the most out of Mathletics.

Made for British Columbia

Our commitment to provincial curricula is second to none. Our publishing team has not only created powerful and targeted curriculum activities but interactive, video and print materials too. We are also passionate about our rich, open, inquiry-based learning resources. I’m very proud to have experts such as Dr. Marian Small working alongside us. Add in our reporting tools and you’ve got a powerful and individualized resource that is proven to be unsurpassed in the results it produces.

Rebekah O’Flaherty – Managing Director, 3P Learning

Rebekah O'Flaherty - Managing Director, 3P Learning