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The award-winning, standards-aligned online math resource delivering exceptional results in Charter Schools across the United States.

Charter Schools across the United States have achieved outstanding math results with Mathletics so far this academic year…

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With Mathletics, Charter Schools can be confident that their students will…

  • Benefit from standards-aligned activities

  • Stay on the track-to-success via our powerful assessment tool

  • Reflect on their progress year-round

And students themselves are…

  • Highly engaged with real-time computational fluency competitions

  • Able to access a range of interactive resources including activities, videos, eBooks, animated dictionary and more

  • Guided by instant feedback and support

Mathletics isn’t only an award-winning resource for students….

We’re here to empower teachers, too.  Our Teacher Console is a powerhouse of tools, reports, and resources that will reduce your workload while improving your effectiveness.

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“It’s a great program that improved students’ math scores. A lot of the other charter school networks have been using Mathletics for years and I am excited to begin using it with Imagine Charter Schools!”

Susan Onori, Regional Director, Imagine Charter Schools

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