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We have your free printable classroom resources ready for you to download! Click below to access each of your free resource packs. You can also explore the wider Mathletics program with a free school trial.

Printable class math pack

A large selection of incredibly useful printable resources for the math classroom – including number lines, squares and tracks, printable rulers, and thermometers. Download the full pack covering several grades.

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Free classroom printables from Mathletics

Multiplication tables wallchart

What classroom wall is complete without a times tables wallchart! Available in four designs, each feature the 2x – 12x tables set within vibrant Mathletics visuals. Perfect for any classroom wall.

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Free classroom printables from Mathletics - multiplication tables

Area of Shapes wallcharts

Great for any classroom wall. Easy to follow visual reminders displaying the equations required to calculate the area of nine common 2D shapes. Available to download in two designs, in large format.

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Free classroom printables from Mathletics

Formulae and Laws factsheets

Designed by our education team for secondary school-aged students, these PDF factsheets are designed as study aids for key mathematical laws.

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Free classroom printables from Mathletics - Forumlae & Laws

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