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When students across the USA love learning, it shows in their results.

Enabling a unique blend of teacher-led instruction and student-driven learning.

Mathletics is the ultimate math resource engineered for maximum engagement. It allows both teacher-led and student-driven learning, developing confidence as it builds understanding.

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US Students Excel with Mathletics

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Average Student Improvement

US student improvement is measured by average best score vs. average initial score in Mathletics curriculum activities.

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Teachers across NYC love teaching with Mathletics!

We were so pleased that we extended this program throughout our entire school system this year. The student enthusiasm and involvement has been tremendous. They don’t realize that they are honing their math skills while they are having fun. Even new concepts can be introduced and practiced without stress.

Ms. Ranieri, Math Department Chair, The Craig School, NJ

Teachers love Mathletics

How your colleagues view the benefits of Mathletics

The most valuable aspects of Mathletics:

  • Ability to differentiate students
  • Curriculum-aligned content
  • Reporting
  • Access to additional resources
  • Supports classroom management
  • Reduces teacher workload
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Math goals teachers found to be supported by Mathletics:

Mastery of math concepts 50%
Increased confidence in math 44%
Development of number sense skills 38%
Increased understanding of word problems 18%
Improvement of fluency 34%
Improvement in math vocabulary 16%

Does Mathletics yield test success? Yes!

Just 30 Mathletics minutes per week gives students a proven advantage on standardized assessments.

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We love learning. That is why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics.

  • No cost: Full, unrestricted access to Mathletics for two weeks without charge.
  • No risk: Access will automatically end after the trial period. No need to cancel.
  • Trial your way: You choose the students/grades, we’ll set everything up. Everyone will access the relevant courses and lessons.
  • Free Demo: What’s more, we can offer an online demo of Mathletics to kick off your trial. If you wish, we can also discuss your objectives and show you a number of ways Mathletics can help.