Is your class Math Healthy?

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You’ve renewed your gym membership and stocked your cupboards with fruit and veggies. New Year’s resolutions are a go, you’ve even refreshed the displays in your classroom and have lots of inspiring and educational activities lined up for your class. But did you stop to think about their math health?

As a core subject of the curriculum, ensuring your classes math skills are up to standards is important. Often educators find that although children have absorbed the concepts and knowledge base, applying the theory in practice can be a challenge.

Check my Math Health

Check My Math Health!

As a teacher, you want what’s best for your students. Let’s examine your Math health by understanding what mathematical practices require some exercise.

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Let’s add Math Health to your New Years resolutions and ensure your class is set for the best year yet! We can show you the platform in 15 minutes, shorter than your warm up session at the gym!

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