How fit are your Mathletes?

You’ve renewed your gym membership and stocked your cupboards with fruit and veggies. New Year’s resolutions are a go, you’ve even refreshed the displays in your classroom and have lots of inspiring and educational activities lined up for your class. But did you stop to think about their math health?

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Mathletics Warm-Up

Here are some pre-trainer exercises to get your Mathletes warmed up.

Warm-up One:
Launch your Students into
the New Year

Our free Getting Started guide can support you with a step-by-step plan to hold a 30-40 minute session in your classroom with Mathletics.


Warm-up Two:
The Fitness Challenge – Mathletics Competition Pack

Run your own school Mathletics competition! Running a math week is a great way to get the whole school involved in fun math themed activities. This pack contains everything you need and all the information to help you plan and hold your own Mathletics competition. Bring on the excitement!


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