Mathletics Superheroes to the Rescue!

We have been on a super-secret mission to find our Mathletics Superheroes – those who are sharing the love of Math with the world. These Superheroes have strong leadership skills, powerful teaching knowledge and a superhuman love of learning that has caught our eye. In order to make it really official, they received their essential superhero gear – capes and masks!

Check out some of our superheroes and trusty side-kicks below. Keep up the good work because you may be our next MATHLETICS SUPERHERO!

Check out this great video sent from Math Superhero HQ at College Heights Christian School, Lacombe, AB.

Superhero Stories

We LOVE Mathletics. When students see the iPads they get “super”-excited – they know it means “MATHELETICS TIME”. It has improved their reading, problem solving skills and to this point in the year their understanding of patterning, fractions, and probability. They had a great time being Superheroes. This program helps me to know where they are and where I need to re-teach and go next. The assigning of work, the gathering of data and information helps give a better picture of student success. Students are now very excited to go up in their Mathletics levels. Gold is the goal! Thanks for a great program.

Ms. Delorme, Class 3B, Ellwood Memorial

II believe students can do anything, we just need to give them the knowledge, skills, strategies and resources to get there. As a parent and teacher, I teach my children and students to accept challenges and learn from their mistakes. We want them to recognize the rewards of their efforts and hard work. Our success in Mathletics has allowed other students to see how hard work and dedication can lead to excellent outcomes. My goal as an educator is to make a difference, to be a role model, inspire and to teach and encourage students to strive for greatness. Mathletics teaches students through experience and commitment how to accomplish their full potential to become the best they can be. We were so excited for the very unexpected surprised from the Mathletics team are really grateful for all the help and guidance. Thank you for choosing us to be Mathletics Superheroes.

Evelyn Lopina, Teacher, Eagleview Comprehensive School

Thank you for the fun these children had being Mathletics Superheroes for the day. Each student was proud to wear their super hero costume to school for being the top point winners in their class so far this year. We absolutely love Mathletics at SJS because it reinforces math skills from the classroom, promotes a fun competitive environment, and the students are thriving in each class.

Hollie Nepveux, Technology Teacher, Saint Joseph School

I’m am thrilled and honoured to have been chosen for this. And my students are SOOOOOO excited! There has been so much talk from my students in my class….and my mind won’t stop generating ideas about what this means and what we can do this school year in this honoured year of being Mathletics Superheros!!
We plan on sending you tons of pictures, stories, maybe even videos of our superheros in action!
We briefly thought about this honour and what it means to be Superheros. We plan on holding up the role of what a superhero does…..and that fight for those who are in need. Tons of ideas are coming together, and already we have plans to be superheros for other classes in our school. We want to travel down to all the classes below us and lead out in Mathletic Superhero missions to support, excite and help our younger math students succeed!!! Not sure what we can do to inspire the older grades, but we plan on doing something with them too. We may even have plans to take this further, outside of our school.

Steven Gabrys, Vice Principal, College Heights Christian School

Mathletics has been amazingly motivating for our students. They have found it exciting to learn new skills in the lessons that teachers assign and have gained fluency through Live Mathletics. Mathletics has become one of the most successful online programs we have implemented at our school. That it is because it is user friendly for students, teachers and parents. With everyone “on board”, our students have shown growth in their math skills and their self-confidence. We highly recommend Mathletics to all students who want to gain mathematical skills and have fun along the way!

Ana Mandelbaum, Instructional Coach/Data Specialist, P.S. 255