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“The engagement students exhibit is outstanding. Last year, if I was away or running late our students would organize themselves and work on Mathletics with or without me. They were so excited to use the program that they would be total self-starters. Even if that meant working on the program inside their regular classroom or in the hall. This year, I see that engagement daily. My students come and log onto their laptops with the anticipation of getting onto Mathletics. I am using Mathletics instead of a textbook, and I hope I never have to go back to using a textbook. eBooks along with the on-line activities far surpass what I have ever gotten out of students with a textbook alone. I love Mathletics. The amount of support that has been providing in figuring anything technical out has been outstanding. Payal is my contact and if I am ever unsure how to do something, or have a problem, I just email her and she is on the problem right away. She is accessible, and very knowledgeable. The program provides professional support, top-notch materials and it covers our entire provincial curriculum. What’s not to love?”

Melissa Lander, Grade 7 Teacher, Meadows School (MB)

“We have been using Mathletics starting the 2014 school year. The students are extremely engaged in the program and most of them generally enjoy it. It has definitely helped their learning without question, especially in concepts we are working on in class at the same time. Overall, it’s gone great. I absolutely love that I can set certain assignments for my students, as this has come in extremely handy. The program is exceptional overall and is very motivating for the students which is great.”

Lori Zagrobelny, Polson School, River East Transcona School Division (MB)

“I have been using Mathletics on going since September in my Daily 5 Math class. They love Mathletics and look forward to their rotation in class. The students have improved quickly with their math facts because it is something they have to do every visit. They are also engaged in the activities because they can challenge themselves to master the lesson as it allows them to go back and see where they need to improve.
They ask everyday if they can use Mathletics, and they love to challenge students across the world on the live Mathletics. I think it is great. It is the technology piece that I can use each day and it is aligned with curriculum outcomes which is fantastic. I think that it is wonderful to be able to use Mathletics as a whole group instruction piece.”

Susie Wilkinson, Ste. Rose School, Turtle River School Division (MB)

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