It’s spring test season.. and your class has worked long and hard!

When the exams are behind you, re-engage your students with the math resource kids love.

We get it. State testing can be exhausting, and leave your students unmotivated to learn new content during the final weeks of the year. But we have the perfect solution to rejuvenate you and your students post-testing. Meet Mathletics – the highly engaging online math resource used by over 5 million students.

Check out this short video. You’ve ever seen kids so excited about math!

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“Mathletics keeps our students excited about math with its easy-to-use online framework and engaging live math competitions! It has helped boost our math test scores and, importantly, has been a great motivational tool for our students.”
Mrs Fromberg, Principal.

Gaming Opportunities with Mathletics.

In an addition to an extensive bank of standards-aligned content, adaptive practice activities, eBooks, and interactive tutorials, Mathletics offers a live gaming area that is so much more than a fun diversion. Live Mathletics is a fast-paced and exciting way to improve math fluency. In the Live Mathletics game:

  • Students compete against others from around the world in real-time 60-second fluency challenges.

  • Racing against each other, students are challenged to answer as many math questions as they can.

  • Students can be matched with opponents randomly, or issue a challenge to their classmates. The choice is theirs!

  • Speed and accuracy are key – it’s just like baseball, three strikes and you’re out!


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