Empowering learning for students in higher grades.

As students progress into higher grades, their learning requirements evolve. This new world demands a more sophisticated, study-focused interface for students.

Mathletics is purpose-built to provide students with the study tools and math resources they need to progress through their provincial math curricula, allowing them to take greater control of their own learning.

Empowering students to take control of their learning…


Students have access to a full set of curriculum activities, aligned to your provincial math curriculum, backed up by interactive, video and print-based support materials.

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The cornerstone of Mathletics’ success is its ability to engage students. A range of games and apps in the Play area targets math fluency, including the famous Live Mathletics.

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Wouldn’t it be great to individually diagnose your students’ learning gaps and target them with adaptive content? Yes, we thought so too. Explore Assessments within Mathletics.

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“Mathletics is made for Canada.”

Our team of education publishers has created a powerful range of courses aligned to the provincial math curricula. Targeted, adaptive, engaging and designed to meet the requirements of the higher grades of your provincial math curriculum – with reporting and assessments to match.

Rene Burke, 3P Learning Canada.

Mathletics Canada - Rene Burke CEO
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Privacy is paramount.

At Mathletics we believe the best learning environment is a safe and secure one. As such, Mathletics is fully compliant with the most recent data privacy legislation – “FIPPA”(British Columbia) and “PIIDPA”(Nova Scotia). All student data is highly encrypted and stored securely on our servers based right here in Canada.

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A multimedia curriculum.

Mathletics courses are aligned to curriculum outcomes and expectations and are designed for all learning styles. Each includes targeted and adaptive practice activities with animated support, plus interactive and video content, not to mention a huge library of eBooks.

Mathletics for older students: curriculum
Mathletics for older students: tracking progress

Track, identify and target.

A simple and intuitive traffic light system allows students to track their own progress through their assigned course, easily identifying those topic areas still to complete or needing some additional study or support.

Revolutionary assessments.

The range of online assessments within Mathletics has been designed by our math experts to specifically target your provincial math curriculum.

  • Scheduled and assigned directly to students, assessments are taken online and are automatically marked.
  • Learning gaps are identified, generating individual learning pathways.
  • Tablet-compatible, plus accessibility options for vision impairment.
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Mathletics Curriculum Online Maths Assessments

Partnering to power Mathletics Assessments

Mathletics, partnering with Learnosity

We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics.

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Mathletics for older students: themes

A learning space to make their own.

Each student’s Mathletics account is their own personal learning space, with their individual content and support. With avatars and a range of themes, there is no end to the personalization possibilities…

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Get in touch with the friendly team of educational specialists at Mathletics. We’d love to speak to you.

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