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Just like Mathletics, millions of students love learning with Spellodrome. Spellodrome is an award-winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results – When you buy a Spellodrome annual subscription between now and 31 December, you’ll save 20%! Learn more below.

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Enter the exciting world of Spellodrome. An engaging array of activities, games and challenges – all powered by your own word lists.

  • Engaging games, activities and challenges for students to master key spelling rules.

  • Proven to increase average spelling ages.

  • Rewards and certificates keep students motivated.

  • Track your child’s progress and assign them activities via the Family Console.

  • Instant feedback, encouraging independent learning.

  • FREE weekly report on progress emailed to parents.

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Explore the exciting world of Spellodrome

Designed by educators, Spellodrome encourages independent learning and the development of critical spelling awareness. Visual, Phonological, Morphemic and Etymological – we’ve got you covered.

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Use Promo Code HS20126 at checkout!

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